Lips Pimples Treatment

Lips Pimples Treatment, Prevention and Cause

Everyone can admit that pimples are annoying to deal with, they can be irritating and painful. And everyone can also agree that having pimples in places that people can directly see and you can’t really cover them up is even worse. The last thing you want to do is draw any attention to a pimple. Well imagine waking up in the morning and seeing a pimple on your lip. You’d be wondering if it’s even possible for you to get pimples on your lips, but sadly the answer is yes. They are usually found on the lip line around the lips or in very rare cases, directly on the lips.

They feel like they never will go away. However, there are lips pimples treatments and ways to help in the prevention of those unsightly and annoying lip pimples.

Pimple vs. Cold Sore on Lip

They are often confused with cold sores, but there is a big difference between the two.
Knowing the difference between the two can solve the cold sore vs. pimple debate. A cold sore is the result of a viral infection and can easily spread from skin to skin contact.  A pimple is usually small and red and usually has a white tip or no tip at all.

Types of Lip Pimples

There are a few different types of pimples that you can see appear on your lips. To best treat them you need to understand what type of lip pimple(s) you may have.

The most common is going to be the usual “whitehead” pimple. These are pimples that are filled with bacteria due to overactive or irritated pores.

This commonly happens when you have excess dirt or oil around and on your lips.

Another common cause for this can be from use of products around or near the lips. Different people will have different reactions to certain products. Always try and fully understand which products and ingredients may irritate or bother your lips.

On the rare chance you have a pimple on your lip but it is big and swelling. This is what is called an infected pimple on the lip. Just like white headed pimples, this is a more serious reaction. This is due to the fact that the pores are overactive and irritated because they are clogged and having a hard time to excrete whatever is blocking the pore. If the pimple can not find a way to excrete the excess dirt and oil then it will continue to build up and get bigger and irritate the skin around the lips.

You may be asking the question, why do I get pimples on my lip? So…

What Causes Pimples on Lips?

Pimples on the lip line are caused by hair follicles becoming clogged by oil or dead skin cells that have built up to the point where bacteria has begun to form. There are many reasons as to why the pores have become clogged. If there is a whitehead on the lip that usually indicates that the pimple is filled with puss or is an inflamed hair follicle.

  • Genetics can play a big role. It plays a big factor on how susceptible you are to pimples in general. If you are acne prone, then it is usually due to genetics
  • Not removing makeup, this can cause a lot of dirt buildup that clogs pores, so be sure to remove makeup before going to sleep
  • Use of low quality products. It is always recommended to research the lip brands you are using before buying. This is because usually cheaper brands tend to cop out on better ingredients. So when it comes to buying cheaper brands remember to check the ingredient list.
  • Certain foods can be triggers for acne as well, such as dairy or chocolate, just to name a few, there may be others that are specific triggers for your skin. Other common diet mistakes can be consuming lactose when lactose intolerant or eating foods that you could be allergic or sensitive to.
  • Medications are also another factor in contributing to the developing of pimples
  • Stress is also a big factor for pimples and may cause acne to flare-up
  • Hormonal changes, especially during puberty or when a woman is menstruating
  • If you wax your upper lip this can cause irritation and cause a pimple to form
  • Poor diet can also be another common cause if you’re eating a lot of junky or oily foods on a regular basis. By the way, eating greasy foods and not wiping your mouth can also clog pores and cause pimples to appear on your lip
  • Habit, aka, biting and licking the lips. This not only dries out the lips, but it also irritates it. This can cause pimples to form.

Lips Pimples Treatment?

How do I get rid of Pimples on the Lip?

Lip pimples are annoying and hard to cover up with makeup. Luckily there are a few ways you can treat and prevent any lip pimples from appearing. One of the most pro-active ways of prevention is to develop a great skin-care routine.


  • Cleanse your face, each night before bed wash your face with an oil-free cleanser or wash
  • Moisture daily, use an oil-free or water-based lotion
  • Stop using products: We’re not saying you have to stop using them forever, but if you find you have lip pimples on a regular basis then you need to give your lips a break from the ingredients or chemicals that could be contributing to the problem. This will give them time to heal and repair.


These following methods are effective and inexpensive, so you won’t have to break the bank to afford them. Below lists the following ways that are most effective:

  • Daily/Weekly care
    It is suggested that putting in a cleansing routine will help manage those pimples and can even help prevent them if you still would like to use products. These products should be face treatments that include Benzoyl Peroxide. Benzoyl Peroxide is a chemical that helps get rid of pimples by helping the pores become unclogged while killing any bacteria or germs that may have caused the pimple.

  • Steaming
    Steaming as Lips Pimples TreatmentSteaming has been found to be super effective in getting rid of acne all over the face. This is because it helps open the clogged pores and allows whatever cleanser you use to be able to reach the clog and bacteria. How to perform steaming is first go get hot water. This can be by boiling etc. Next you want to put the hot water into a bowl where it would be big enough for your face. After that you need a towel that you can at least drape over your head.


  • Brush Lips/exfoliate
    Lip Scrub with Circular movementsNot many people ever think about a “lip care” routine, however this could also be the key to when you want to use lipsticks and products but don’t want any pimples. The reason brushing or exfoliating the lips may be a good idea is that it removes dead skin and bacteria BEFORE they have the chance to get into the pores. That way preventing a lip pimple from ever happening. This would normally be done by taking a toothbrush before and after wearing lip product and simply removing the makeup and then brushing the lips with a tiny bit of a cleanser of your preference. If you would like a more natural cleanser, you could use lemon juice, which also has antibacterial qualities.

  • Water
    Lastly, the key to good skin is mostly water. Make sure to drink enough plain water to help your system flush out before bacteria has a chance to hang around long enough to cause any issues. If you’re like me and you HATE drinking plain water then I would suggest adding lemon, lime, or cut up fruits to your water. And if you don’t like that you can also make iced teas with little to know sweetener. Some teas are known to have antioxidants that can help the body recover.


In addition to the above routine, there are other ways to treat and prevent pimples. Using an oil free sunscreen or using a tea tree oil gel or wash also helps to cleanse the face and keeps the pores clean. If you continually get whitehead pimples on your lip the best treatment is creams or even cleansers with zinc. These types of creams help to target the areas and clear the pores so that the pimples may reduce and go away. Hot and cold compresses may also help, especially if your lip pimple is causing your lip to swell. Changing your diet may also help in the prevention of pimples, as noted earlier, there are certain foods that can exacerbate pimples, by simply removing certain foods from your diet or cutting down on them you can prevent pimples from popping up.  

What not to do:

DO NOT pop your pimple on the lip. Even though this might seem like the route to go to get rid of your pimple, it’s not the best choice. This will turn into an infected pimple on the lip and it will swell. Continually licking the infected area will also irritate and could cause swelling. Try to avoid touching, licking or using lip gloss or lip balm that has a lot of chemicals in them, this will only cause the pimple to worsen.

The only acceptable time to pop your pimple on your lip is when the whitehead is very prominent on your pimple. Apply a hot compress before popping, this is to keep the swelling down, and pop the pimple until all the pus comes out. Now, this won’t make the pimple go away completely, but it will make it less prominent and smaller. Only do this if you are certain your pimple is ready to be popped. Premature popping will cause swelling and will make the lip pimple even worse than before.

Just Remember…

Pimples are always going to be annoying and hard to deal with. And while you can’t stop them from ever occurring again, you can take some preventative measures to make sure they don’t appear often on your lips. It’s important to remember that even though pimples are the absolute worst, everyone gets them at one point or another.

It’s best to follow the advice in this article to know how to keep your face oil free to prevent your pores from clogging. The most important thing to do is to develop a skin-care routine that works best for you. This will help prevent pimples from developing on your lip or near your lip. And remember don’t pop or squeeze unless absolutely necessary. Keep your hygiene and diet in check and you will be able to prevent pimples on your lip.

Usually the more natural ingredients the better the product will be for your lips. I hope these lips pimples treatment has helped you ladies!

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