Lip Scrub for Dark Lips

You may have been born with dark lips, or it may have darkened for some other reason much later. In this post we bring you some insight into why lips may get darker and some ideas like lip scrub for dark lips, or if you prefer, lip scrub to lighten your lips.

First, let’s dive into the subject of…

Dark Lips

If you consider you have dark lips (which means darker than normal for your skin tone), you might have questioned yourself why, right? Maybe you were born with darker lips, then the most likely cause is genetic disposition. In the case your lips darkened with time, there may be a lot of causes, but pretty much they all come down to accumulating pigmentation in this area of your body.

So, the question is…

What leads to dark lips?

The most common cause of lips turning black with time is the lack of due care.

As we have written about in the post “Protect your Lips with THC Lip Balm“, the lips are a very sensitive part of the body exposed to dry air, cold, wind, sunburn, toxins and, yes, low quality lip products. These constant harms to the lips lead to their increase in pigmentation. So, naturally, prevention is your best friend in this case.

Lack of regular care

Lack of care may lead to a continuous situation of exposure to harms: Dryness, chapped lips and others. This situation may cause your lips to darken.


I would argue that smoking is one of the biggest enemies of beauty, due to the amount of damage it causes to our body. But that is all known, right?
One of the parts that gets mostly affected by smoking are the lips, which gets extra darker due to continued smoking.

Low quality cosmetics

Unfortunately, sometimes we try to save some money by using low quality products, but we don’t take into consideration that they may contain harmful chemicals. We should also, regardless of the quality of the product, remove it from our lips before we go to sleep, yes, that surely include lipsticks.

There are several other causes, including diseases, but I’ll stick with these three for now.

Okay, it is clear that prevention and regular care are the best way to go, but what to do if all this prevention fails?

Lip Scrubs

By the way, what are Lip Scrubs and what are its benefits?

Lip scrubs are products, that you can either buy or make at home. They are quite similar to Lip Balms, but are used both for protection and also for exfoliating your lips, peeling and removing any dead cells from your skin, dirty and other impurities from the lips, making them pretty and brighter.
They also work as lip balms, creating a small layer between your lips and the external environment. This helps your lips to keep their natural moisture.

I would say that any Lip Scrub is good for dark lips, not need of anything special. After talking about lip scrub for dark lips, I am going to talk about other solutions that are more specific and could also be used to achieve lighter lips.

What about exfoliating chapped lips?

When we don’t take due care of our lips, they may get dry and chapped. At this point, lip balm will only prevent it from getting worse, but won’t help you to remove the dead skin. So, that is exactly the most appropriate time to apply a lip scrub.

What I would not recommend is to use anything involving exfoliation or lip scrub when your lips are very cracked, because this can cause you some discomfort or pain.

How to exfoliate your Lips

Lip Scrub with Circular movements

If you buy a product, it will certainly explain how it should be best applied. But you can also make your own homemade lip scrub, that’s why we bring you some homemade lip scrubs recipes in the next section of this post.

The general idea on how to exfoliate your lips is to scrub them with the tip of your fingers in circular movements for about a minute with your product of choice once a week. Rinse it off with warm water and gently dry with some cloth like a towel.

The best times are in the morning or, even better, before going to sleep.

Preparing your own Homemade Lip Scrub

We have already brought you some lip scrub recipes in the post Skin and Hair treatment direct from your KitchenIn the mentioned post, I talked a little bit about using brown sugar as an exfoliator, but regular sugar can be used as well to lighten dark lips.

Sugar lip scrub recipe

Ingredients (for single application):

1 teaspoon of sugar (or brown sugar)
2 spoons of honey (olive oil or coconut oil works great too)

Mix and scrub your lips for about one minute. Remember, around once a week is fine.

Besides Lip Scrubs, there are …

Other alternatives for Dark Lips


Cucumbers, as we talked about in Skin and Hair treatment direct from your Kitchen, have a subtle skin lightening effect for the skin, making it is ideal for removing darkness from the lips. It is just about scrub your lips with a slice of cucumber slice for some minutes some times a day.



Coconut Oil

In the same post about products from your kitchen we mentioned that the Coconut Oil is the Swiss Army Knife of the natural products. It is very well suited for dark lips, by using it as a lip balm to be used all day long and before going to bed. The reason it is so efficient is that it contains acids good to keep your lips healthy and hydrated.


Almond Oil

The research The uses and properties of almond oil indicates that Almond oil can also be a great option to lighten your lips due to its emollient and sclerosant properties.

It is just about  applying it every night before going to bed.



Lemon juice

Since lemon juice has bleaching properties, it is appropriate for dark lips. In the morning and again at night, put some drops of lemon juice on your fingertips and rub them against your lips gently. Wash it off afterwards.



Laser for Dark Lips

Like we said right in the beginning, you may have been born with dark lips. If may also happen that the lip scrub for dark lips, and all other suggestions, fail to deliver the expected results. This does not mean you are meant to have dark lips forever.

There is a cosmetic treatment with laser that is safe and painless. It takes about two to four session depending on the level of darkness your lips are.


Please, tell me your results after using lip scrub for dark lips or the other options I suggested in this post.

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