Lips permanent makeup

Lips Permanent Makeup

Every women can relate to this daily struggle. Imagine waking up in the morning, eating your breakfast, putting on your makeup perfectly and then set out to do your day. However a little while later you notice that your lipstick is smearing or coming off and you need a touchup. Now you have to go and find the time to reapply it perfectly again. Recently there has been big talk about permanent eyebrows, eyelashes, etc. Well now the beauty market has put out lips permanent makeup.

Lips Permanent Makeup – What Exactly is it?

This is basically a permanent pigment tattoo color on your lips that changes the pigment of your lips to the color you want. Permanent lip makeup is applied by getting a color of your choosing tattoo’d onto your upper and lower lips. You can also make your lips appear slightly bigger with permanent lip makeup and shape them to look fuller, longer, wider, etc. The possibilities are endless here, so you can easily craft the perfect lips to suit your desired image!

How much do lip permanent tattoos cost?

Depending on who you see and what your budget is, the price should be around anywhere from $200 USD to $800 USD. Prices will range from place to place. Make sure to call into places you are interested in the procedure and check their rates and if they can complete the look you want.

How can permanent lips change my lips?

As stated before, you can choose to craft your permanent lips the way you would like them to appear. Permanent lip makeup does not actually increase or decrease your lip size, it just give the appearance of fuller, thicker lips or thinner, slimmer lips. This would be no different than applying lip liner and concealer onto the lips to shape them the way you want them to appear. The only difference is that instead of daily makeup, it would be a more permanent solution.

If you have thinner lips and would like them to appear fuller, lip tattoo’s can help sculpt them to look bigger. If you have bigger lips and would like them to appear smaller and shape them better lip tattoo’s can also alter that. It’s also natural for the human body to appear slightly unsymmetrical, thus causing the lips to look uneven. Permanent lip makeup can help sculpt the lips to make them appear even and perfect all around.

As for lip color most of the time they will suggest that you stay close to natural colored lips as this will help the permanent lip makeup appear more natural looking. Often they will not brighten lip colors on darker pigmented lips. This is because there is a risk for hyperpigmentation that could cause blotchiness and discoloration. So choosing to stay closer to your natural shade can help deter from any problems with pigmentation. You can choose any shade you want but you must be aware of the risks and the fact that the pigment will fade over time. So I wouldn’t exactly call this a “permanent” lip color, but rather a “semi-permanent” lip color treatment.

How does the process work?

To get permanent lip makeup you will have to make an appointment with a specialist. It is important to research the specialist because different people will have different techniques on how the end results will look. Just as if you were choosing a tattoo, getting your eyebrows done, etc. You always want to do your research before making an appointment or at least schedule a consultation to get an idea of what you want done.

Once you make your appointment you will then go in to choose the type of lips you want. The technician will then tattoo the type of lips onto your lips using different shades and colors to suit it to what type of look you want to permanently have. It will hurt, but not as much as getting a regular tattoo. This process will be done with a needle and pigmentation color (not as harsh tattoo ink). It is important to understand it will take a while to heal. I would highly suggest you understand this part of the process. The usual recovery and healing time is around two weeks for the physical appearance of the tattoo to simmer and around 2 months for it to heal completely from any side effects or irritations.

Sadly while they promise “permanent” lip makeup, you will still have to make regular appointments to have them retouched or reapplied. This is because depending on the place you go, they end up using pigmented color instead of tattoo ink for a more natural look. It is less harsh on the lips, but because of the lips being exfoliated and peeling it will fade after 12 to 18 months. While it isn’t permanent it definitely is better than sitting down and having to apply lip makeup every morning and will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Aftercare of permanent lip makeup

After the lips permanent makeup is applied to your lips, you will  notice that it takes awhile to heal. The wound on the lips will be equivalent to that of a needle scratching the inner skin, so bleeding, swelling, and redness is expected. You will want to apply ice packs regularly to help with the pain and swelling. It is also recommended that you take over the counter pain killers regularly to deal with the pain after the treatment. Make sure to cleanse and moisturize the lips with gentle products. Treat the lips as if you had gotten a cut or scrape. This means you should not scrub, apply makeup, or use any harsh ingredients for the first week.

Risks and Issues that may Arise

Possible risks include infections and allergic reactions. To possibly avoid these situations it is important to cleanse the lips gently. Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in the process. If a reaction occurs contact the makeup artist that did the procedure. If they can not help you then it is best you go into the doctor ASAP.

Removal of lips permanent makeup

The only effective way to remove the permanent lip treatment is by laser tattoo removal. This will be painful and also cost a decent amount of money. If you do not want to do laser removal then you could also go in and have them redo your lips in a different shade or hue, this will change the color of the lips to a different color. The only other option after that is just waiting for it to fade. However it doesn’t always fade completely and sometimes could become patchy in different parts of the lips.

It’s important to research deeply before you decide to make a permanent decision. Make sure to consider the pro’s and con’s before you get the procedure done. It may seem tempting to get permanent makeup, but you must be aware that there will be certain downsides. On the upside you will save time and have to put less effort into your makeup everyday, however on the downside you will have to understand that this is a TATTOO. This means that it will not be easy to remove and the color will not be easy to change. Please do your research before considering getting permanent lip makeup.

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I hope this helped and informed you!

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