fordyce spots on lips treatment

Fordyce Spots on Lips Treatment

Fordyce spots appear as small, raised, pale red or yellowish-white, bumps or spots that appear on the border of the vermilion of the lips on your face. The vermilion border is the distinguishing line between the red coloring of the lips and the normal skin of the face. The fordyce spots are a type of ectopic sebaceous gland, which essentially means that it is a sebaceous, or small skin, gland that is on the skin but not in a hair follicle. Fordyce spots are not associated with any disease or illness, they are merely a cosmetic concern. For those who become afflicted with fordyce spots they will most likely want to seek treatments to get rid of them because they may appear unsightly.


– The small, pale skin around the lips or on the lips becomes yellowish or pinkish and forms bumps or spots. They are usually 1 to 3mm in diameter.

– Fordyce spots are not painless and do not itch

Fordyce Spots on Lips treatment?

Treatment for fordyce spots can either be through home remedies or through treatment at your dermatologist’s office. IT should be noted that most dermatologists agree that fordyce spots are a natural occurrence on the skin and are not bad, as they are not linked to any diseases or illnesses. In fact many dermatologists advise against treatment for fordyce spots and to let them go away naturally. However, this is difficult when they fordyce spots appear on your lips, so there are some safe home remedies that can help prevent and heal these fordyce spots on lips, as well as some laser treatments that have been known to work.

  1. Electro Desiccation – this treatment is a CO2 laser that helps to make the spots less visible if your only concern is cosmetic
  2. Pulsed Dye Lasers – these lasers have reported success in the diminishing of fordyce spots on lips. Though this treatment is much more expensive than others, it leaves fewer scars, which again is a good treatment if your concern is only cosmetic

Home Remedies for Fordyce Spots on Lips Treatment

  1. Coconut Oil – When fordyce spots appear on your upper lip, this is usually a sign that your upper lip is lacking in hydration. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer, so using this on a daily basis can help to get rid of fordyce spots and also to prevent getting them in the future
  2. Vitamins – Boosting your daily intake of vitamins can really help to make sure that you are getting all the nutrients your body needs, especially in ensuring that your lips will get all the nutrients its needs and will help to prevent and diminish fordyce spots. There are six essential vitamins that you can boost:

Vitamin A (found in Kale and Carrots)

Vitamin B (found in Salmon and Milk)

Vitamin C (found in Strawberries and Mangos)

Vitamin D (found in Tofu and Whole Grain Cereals)

Vitamin E (found in Almonds and Avocados)

Vitamin K (found in Beans and Eggs)

Water – Fordyce Spots can also appear when you mouth is very dry. That is why it is best to stay hydrated, this helps in keeping the lips moist. You want to be sure to avoid drinks that will irritate your lips, especially when fordyce spots have appeared on your lips, this includes hot drinks, like tea or coffee

  1. Essential Oils – The best way to treat a lot of ailments naturally is to use essential oils, they seem to work wonders. The best for fordyce spots is jojoba oil. To be the most effective, apply to the upper lip at least three times daily. This will not only help in minimizing fordyce spots, but will also help in preventing them from appearing again.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar – This is the newest thing to become popular when it comes to home remedies. Apple cider vinegar can work wonders, just like the essential oils, however, you do not want to apply apple cider vinegar directly to the area as this will cause irritation and burning. Instead you will want to dilute the apple cider vinegar with one glass of water. You will want to apply this mixture to the affected area maximum two times a week, this is to avoid irritation. Over time the fordyce spots will disappear and become less visible.

As previously mentioned, this skin condition of fordyce spots is not a health concern and is harmless. It is merely a cosmetic concern when fordyce spots appear on the lips. They have a short lifespan, so it might not even be worth treating. But if they are bothersome for your appearance, then use the home remedies before deciding to get laser treatments. However, you should listen to your body and decide what is the best course of action for yourself and your skin.

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