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Natural products

Natural products for healthy skin

Hello everybody!! In one of our last posts, we talked about using natural products direct from your kitchen. In this post, we are bringing some more tips of natural products for you. It is a fact that regardless of the weather, the skin and hair care…

Bath Salts

Bath Salts: More than just relaxation

Hello everybody !! We all know that bath salts provide a pleasant feeling of relaxation and well-being after a stressful day, right? But that is not all. Allied to beauty, they also cleanse, moisturize and scent the body, with numerous scents based on flowers and herbs. Having a…

A white bowl with with cream inside

5 reasons why you should moisturize your skin every day

Hello everyone!! Surely you have heard someone saying that they do not like moisturizers, that they always forget to use them or just do not make a point use them so often. Incidentally, maybe you’ve said it yourself a few times, have you? I never liked the…